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Important Organisations Seafarers must know about

13 Important Organizations Seafarers Can Contact For Help: A Global Guide

Where does a sailor go for help when he or she is in need? Which organizations are willing to provide a helpful hand to a seafarer? Read to find out 13 organizations that seafarers can contact when they need any kind of help.

Merchant Navy for Girls in India

How can Girls join Merchant Navy?: Best Career Options for Women

Today, there are a lot of opportunities for women in the shipping industry. Not only on the sea, but there are quite a lot of openings available for women on the shore.

What is Merchant Navy?: Carrer, Scope etc

What is Merchant Navy: Career, Scope & High Salary Jobs in India

If you are also attracted to sea life and wish to make a career in the Merchant Navy, this blog will clear all your doubts regarding the scope of the industry, pay scale, & much more!

Merchant Navy after 12th

How to Join Merchant Navy after 12th in India: Careers and Eligibility

The Merchant Navy is a glamorous and exotic career option for people who wish to join after completing their 12th. Check out the career options available and process to join the industry!

Advantages & Disadvantages of joining Merchant Navy

15 Advantages and Disadvantages of Joining Merchant Navy

In this blog, we’ll take you through all the advantages of joining the Merchant navy and also spread some light on the cons of this industry. They will help you be clear about joining the field!

Difference between Merchant Navy & Indian Navy

What is the difference between Merchant Navy, Indian Navy, and Coast Guard?

In this blog, we’ll take you through all the major differences between the Merchant Navy, Indian Navy, and Indian Coast Guard – including everything from eligibility criteria to pay scale.

Marlins & Seagull Test

Marlins test and Seagull test: What are they and how to apply?

If you don’t belong to an English-speaking nation like the US, England, or Australia; you are required to appear for Marlins test. It is an English proficiency test required to join any cruise in the world.

Check list for Seafarers Employment Agreement

Seafarers Employment Agreement: Rights and Essential Clauses

You need to be aware of the essential clauses and rights while signing a contract, so as to make sure that you don’t face any problems during the duration of your contract.

Types of Jobs on Cruise Ships

Cruise Ship Jobs Unveiled: Types, Pay Scale & Eligibility for a Thriving Maritime Career

Let’s have a look at the departments on cruise ships and the types of jobs available in them, along with their pay scale. We have listed 30 different jobs and their salary ranges in this blog!

Things to remember before Signing Off from ship

10 Things Seafarers Must Remember Before Signing Off From Ship

In order to ensure that you enjoy the sign-off process without being tense about the documentation & other important things, we have put together some points. This checklist will help you prepare for your sign-off smoothly.

Check list to carry before joining the ship

14 Things to carry on a ship while joining: A complete ship checklist

If you are joining a ship for the first time, you might be very confused about what is required to carry from home. In this blog, we’ll take you through all the things that you should keep in mind while joining your first ship.

dangerous cargo certificate

How to apply for Dangerous Cargo Certificate?: Both Basic & Advanced

A dangerous cargo endorsement is a certificate of authority for a seafarer that permits a person to work on any vessel that handles cargo classified as marine dangerous goods.