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Top Diploma in Nautical Science (DNS) Colleges/Institutes in India

Top 10 D.G. Approved DNS Colleges in India: Join Merchant Navy

Check out the list of top 10 DG Approved DNS colleges in India. Also see their fees, course category and website links.

Top DG Approved GP Rating Colleges/Institues in India

Top 11 D.G. Approved GP Rating Colleges in India: Join Merchant Navy

In this blog, we have listed a mixture of both sponsored and non-sponsored colleges, which make for the top 11 maritime institutes for G.P. Rating in India.

Explosion Caused by Fumiagtion: Case Study

Explosion Caused By Fumigation – Case Study

The hatch covers had shifted somewhat, and blue-grey smoke could be seen pouring from beneath the edges, according to the crew. A third explosion occurred about an hour later in a second hold, and a fourth occurred a few minutes afterward. Shortly later, explosions erupted in the other holds.

Types of Commercial Ships in Merchant Navy

17 Types of Commercial Ships in the Merchant Navy

Here’s a list of 17 Commercial ships in the Merchant Navy that are used to transport goods and passengers to different destinations. These ships, which range from freight liner ships to oil tankers, are all built to perform certain functions.

Alternative Fuels in Shipping

Alternative Fuels in Shipping: Ammonia, Hydrogen, and Methanol

Ammonia and hydrogen are zero-carbon bunker fuels that are most likely to be major contributors to shipping’s decarbonized future, a new series of report released by the World Bank reveals.

Misdeclared Container caused Fire: Case Study

Misdeclared container caused fire – Case study

In its recently issued Monthly Safety Scenario, the Swedish P&I Club focuses on a case where a containership suffered fire due to misdeclared cargo. Read the case study to find out the cause of the incident and the lessons for the maritime industry.

How to get Merchant Navy Sponsorship in India

How to get sponsorship in Merchant Navy in India: A-Z Guide

Want to get sponsorship in Merchant Navy? Check syllabus, qualifications, tests, eligibility, list of companies, and much more.

List of Online Sponsorship Exams in Merchant Navy

Online sponsorship exams for Merchant Navy in 2024: List of companies

Here is a complete list of Shipping companies conducting sponsorship exams in the year 2024. Check out their links and apply!

21 Free Apps for Seafarers they must know about

21 Free Mobile Apps Seafarers Must Have: Smart Sailing Checklist

We have listed down 21 free mobile apps that seafarers can use to carry out multiple tasks on board and most of them can be operated without the need for an active internet connection.

Lithium-ion Batteries Causing Fire on Ship

Lithium-Ion Batteries causing fire on ships? – Höegh Xiamen Case Study

Failure to disconnect vehicle batteries caused fire on board and led to a loss of $40 million dollars: Said NTSB in a recent report published from its investigation into the June 2020 car carrier fire in Jacksonville, Florida.

Top 17 things Junior Engineer TME must know

Top 17 Things Junior Engineer Should Learn On Joining a Ship

It is crucial for a junior engineer to learn these 17 things as after 15 days or a month, he would be expected to carry out all duties on his own without making any mistakes. Have a look!

Internet on Ship

How is Internet on Ships & Cruises Provided?: 9 Things to Know while Sailing

Making the internet accessible on ships is not the same as on the shore, because, well, you are not on land. There are no towers or wires that can easily make marine internet a reality. Nonetheless, humans made it happen! Let’s see how.