Major ports of India

Top10 Major Ports of India

November 25, 2023

Introduction India, with its vast coastline stretching over 7,500 kilometers, is home to a network of ports that play a […]

Shahid Beheshti Port in Chabahar

Shahid Beheshti Port in Chabahar: A Revolutionary Global Gateway

November 08, 2023

8th November 2023 Introduction Located in the Sistan and Baluchestan province of Iran, the Shahid Beheshti Port in Chabahar stands […]

Global maritime India summit 2023

Global Maritime India Summit 2023: The Future

September 01, 2023

Introduction: Global Maritime India Summit 2023 The world’s oceans, covering more than 70% of the Earth’s surface, have always played […]


Revolutionizing Indian Waters: The Usage of Thuraya, Iridium, and Other Satellite Communications

August 07, 2023

In a world that thrives on constant connectivity, satellite communication has emerged as a pivotal technology, bridging the gaps in […]


The United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS)

August 05, 2023

Why UNCLOS? The world’s oceans cover approximately 71% of the Earth’s surface, providing crucial resources and playing a vital role […]

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