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Marine Entrance Preparation

IMU-CET? Interviews? Psychometric tests? Medicals? Our preparatory courses will prepare you for all the entrance tests that are needed to be cleared for getting admission in a Merchant Navy course.

Marine sponsorship assistance

Whether you’re applying for sponsorship before or after completing your pre-sea training, our easy-to-learn online course will help you prepare for the sponsorship exams conducted by leading shipping companies.

Maritime admission assistance

Want to get admission in a D.G. approved Merchant Navy institute? Our experienced marine officers will guide you through the process of getting into the best sponsored academies across India.

Marine documentation assistance

Stuck with the process of applying for COC, COP, DC, or other marine documents? Apart from our detailed blogs, we also assist you manually with the ins and outs of complicated application procedures.

Marine on-board assistance

We provide seamless on-board assistance for first-time sailors as well as for experienced mariners. Onboarding contracts, rejoining process, company policies – we make your joining effortless.

Best-in-class Marine products

Getting high-quality marine products at pocket-friendly prices can be a bit tricky. At rife, we are committed to providing awesome products for sailors including rank pips, bolier suits, safety shoes, and much more.

Merchant Navy Online Courses

Welcome to our dynamic e-learning platform for maritime studies. Explore the vast ocean of knowledge with engaging courses, interactive simulations, and expert guidance. Join our global community, master essential skills, and set sail towards a rewarding maritime career. Discover a transformative learning experience that propels you towards success. Bon voyage!

Why Choose Us?

Prepare for Sponsorship Exams and Interview

Obtaining a sponsorship is all about securing your placement (onboard training) before beginning your pre-sea training. At Rife, through our preparatory batches, we make sure that you become competent enough to perform well in these exams and interviews.

Learn from Merchant Navy Officers

At Rife, you’ll learn with industry officers who have already been sailing for years. Along with coaching from top Marine experts, we also prepare you to clear psychometric tests and interviews conducted by top shipping companies.

Get Admission in a D.G. Approved Institute

We have hand-picked and tied up with the finest D.G. Approved colleges and institutes across India. The admission process can be confusing and thus we are here to smooth out the process and help you begin your pre-sea training.

Work with your Dream Shipping Companies

With our industry insight and reputation blended with, we have helped our students get into the best academies in the market and now those students are working for the most renowned companies. And here’s a little secret – We know you’re the next!

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