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Waiting Period in Merchant Navy

How to Handle Long Waiting Period in Merchant Navy?

Depending on the shipping firm you are sponsored by, the waiting period’s duration will vary. However, cadets wait for atleast for 6 Months

Sponsorship Exam 2024

4 Must-Apply Sponsorship Exams for Merchant Navy in 2024

By Smit Lokhandwala (Deck Cadet) If you are applying for IMU-CET in 2024 and still looking for sponsorship then this […]

Top 10 Cruise Companies

Top 10 Cruise Line Companies of the World

Cruise ships are large passenger ships used mainly for vacation purposes. These ships allow you to visit different ports of the world including shore excursions. Cruising has become a major part of the tourism industry which carries around 19 million passengers worldwide in a year. 

Hazards on Ship

3 Types of Hazards on Ship: Operational, Security & Safety

Marine industry has seen a lot of incidents over the years and we have divided these hazards into 3 types. Operational, Security & Safety.

Qualities of a Seafarer

Sailing Success: 10 Essential Qualities Every Seafarer Must Possess

Merchant Navy ships carry very important & sometime Dangerous cargo which makes it very important that the officers working on these ships are trained well and must have skills & qualities required to make these ships sail smooth.

Everything about IMUCET

IMU-CET 2024: Your Complete Guide to the Indian Maritime University Common Entrance Test

The merchant navy is the backbone of a country’s international trade as well as its import-export business. To transport and deliver commodities from one country to another, merchant navy ships employ a large number of people every year. 

IMUCET Eligibility Checker

IMU-CET 2024 Eligibility Checker

Well, it is quite important to get proper knowledge about the eligibility criteria as it will decide whether you are suitable for IMU-CET 2024 or not.

Career Path after IMUCET

Career Path in Merchant Navy after IMU-CET 2024

It is a pretty typical doubt that an applicant has when considering joining the merchant navy. In this blog, we’ve attempted to clarify how the Merchant Navy hierarchy works when a candidate passes the IMUCET exam and enrols in courses for pre-sea training.

Cruise Ports

11 Major Cruise Ports in Asia

In this blog, we will take you through the eleven major cruise ports in Asia, that will help you plan your ideal voyage.

Marine Industry

Everything you Need to Know About the Marine Industry: Starter Guide

Do you wish to enter the marine industry and gain basic knowledge of the field? or Are you going to appear for sponsorship or entrance examinations of renowned shipping companies? Then this free guide is for you!

Sponsored & NoN Sponsored Colleges

Difference Between Sponsored and Non-Sponsored Colleges in Merchant Navy

In this article, we will walk you through the difference between sponsorship and non-sponsorship and also have a look at how you can pursue your Merchant Navy course from a sponsored college in India.

Major Ports of the world

11 Major Ports of the World

Ports are one of its most significant players – more specifically, it is the ports’ capacity to manage the entrance and outflow of commodities, whether they are used as a transshipment point, a place of origin, or a final destination. Checkout the 11 major ports of the world here.