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Everything you Need to Know About the Marine Industry: Starter Guide

  • Do you wish to enter the marine industry and gain basic knowledge of the field?
  • Do you wish to know about how the merchant navy works?
  • Are you looking for a reliable source to learn about important aspects such as onboard navigation equipment and communication methods?
  • Are you going to appear for sponsorship or entrance examinations of renowned shipping companies?
  • Do you wish to know about the career opportunities and eligibility criteria to join the merchant navy?

If the answer to any of the above questions is a YES, then this blog is for you. To address all your queries related to the marine industry, we have created a short Free Marine Knowledge Course that easily helps you to understand about Marine Industry. It is absolutely FREE and can be accessed by anyone who looking to gain exhaustive information about the field.

Free Marine Knowledge Course

Marine Knowledge Course 2024

Marine Knowledge is a course curated to provide information about the basics of the marine industry. It is a short and easy-to-learn course that’ll help you prepare for the sponsorship and entrance exams of renowned shipping companies and courses and kick-start your career in the Merchant Navy.

This course is purely created with the intention to help candidates looking to learn about the marine industry. Below are a few highlights of this course:

  • 22 pages of deep & detail knowledge about Marine industry
  • Made by Marine Officers and industry leaders
  • Easy to understand language 
  • In-depth course documents

Why Choose the Marine Knowledge Course by Rife Consultancy?

1. There is a Lack of Reliable Sources of Information Online

We browsed the internet and came across the fact that there is a lack of structured knowledge available about the marine industry online. Students often get confused about how to join the merchant navy and the career opportunities available according to their current qualifications.

Thus, we have created this course which will guide people on how to join the marine industry, careers, eligibility criteria, ranks and departments, types of ships, and much more.

2. This is an All-in-One Course for Basic Marine Knowledge

If you are someone who is looking forward to knowing about how the industry works, what is the career graph, the departments available onboard, or the major ports of India and the world, this course will provide you with in-depth information on the same.

3. The Course is Created by Marine Engineers

This course consists of videos and written material that is curated by marine engineers themselves. Having been designed by experts having years of experience in the merchant navy, this course will provide you with a hands-on learning experience.


4. It Consists of Short and Crisp Videos

The Marine Knowledge Course consists of short and crisp videos that are easy to grab and learn. All the videos combined make up 2.5 hours of learning. As the videos are short, they can be easily referred to at your convenience. 

5. It is Absolutely Free of Cost With No Hidden Charges

Yes, the course is absolutely free of cost. You can accesses this course from anywhere and by everyone. This course has been designed with the intention of creating a reliable source of information for anyone looking to learn about the industry in a structured and detailed manner. There are no catches or hidden charges, just plain knowledge!

6. It is Best for Students Wanting to Join Merchant Navy

If you are looking to join the merchant navy and make a career in this field, this course will help you a lot. As a merchant navy aspirant, you will be required to appear for certain examinations and tests, which will consist of questions related to basic marine knowledge. Apart from that, this course will serve as a starter to getting to know about the important aspects of the marine industry.

7. This Course Helps Students Prepare for Sponsorship and Entrance Exams

When you have decided to enter the industry and take a step ahead to join a course by obtaining sponsorship from a renowned shipping company, you will have to clear the sponsorship examinations of the company and the entrance exams of the institute to which you are applying. The marine knowledge course will help you prepare for an important portion of these examinations.

8. You get PPTs and PDF Documents for Reference 

This Free Marine Knowledge Course material is not just limited to videos. You also get access to written notes and PPT slides that you can refer to anytime in the future for a quick revision.

What Will you Learn From this Course?

This Free Marine Knowledge Course consists of 12 in-depth chapters, which educate you about the marine industry. You will learn about the careers available in the merchant navy, the roles and responsibilities, departments and ranks onboard, the major routes and ports of the world, and much more. This course prepares you for a significant aspect of marine sponsorship and competitive examinations.

These 12 chapters include the following:

  1. Introduction to Marine Industry 
  2. Difference between Merchant Navy & Naval Forces
  3. Roles and Responsibilities on-board
  4. Governing Organizations of the Marine Industry 
  5. Departments and Ranks in Merchant Navy
  6. Career Opportunities and Eligibility 
  7. Types and Parts of Ships and Navigation Equipment 
  8. Major Ports of India and the World
  9. Major Routes of the World
  10. Women in Merchant Navy
  11. Pros and Cons of Merchant Navy
  12. Evolution of the Indian Maritime Industry 
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So, what are you waiting for? Prepare for marine sponsorship exams and entrance exams of renowned shipping companies through this short and easy free Marine Knowledge Course, absolutely for FREE! Start your learning journey today by joining this course from here!

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