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Duties of Deck Cadet on ship

What are the duties of Deck Cadet on Merchant Ships

Here in this blog we will gonna see a complete deep knowledge about Duties of Deck cadet on a ship. […]

Sea Time

What is Sea Time? How is it Calculated?: Merchant Navy Guide

A seafarer’s professional career is heavily reliant on the concept of sea time. In this blog, we will discuss the meaning of sea time, how it is calculated, and why it is important in a seafarer’s career.

Tackle Emergency on Ship

How to Tackle Emergency Situations On Board Ships

Despite proper preparation, many people experience panic attacks and are unable to act as they should in an emergency. Thus, we have created a guide for seafarers that’ll help them to tackle emergency situation onboard ships.

21 Free Apps for Seafarers they must know about

21 Free Mobile Apps Seafarers Must Have: Smart Sailing Checklist

We have listed down 21 free mobile apps that seafarers can use to carry out multiple tasks on board and most of them can be operated without the need for an active internet connection.

Top 17 things Junior Engineer TME must know

Top 17 Things Junior Engineer Should Learn On Joining a Ship

It is crucial for a junior engineer to learn these 17 things as after 15 days or a month, he would be expected to carry out all duties on his own without making any mistakes. Have a look!

Important Organisations Seafarers must know about

13 Important Organizations Seafarers Can Contact For Help: A Global Guide

Where does a sailor go for help when he or she is in need? Which organizations are willing to provide a helpful hand to a seafarer? Read to find out 13 organizations that seafarers can contact when they need any kind of help.

9 things to know before joining Merchanr Navy

9 important things to know before joining Merchant Navy

Getting paid for traveling the world and working on a ship definitely sounds enticing, but there are a few things you need to consider before taking the first step towards making a career in this field.