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dangerous cargo certificate

How to apply for Dangerous Cargo Certificate?: Both Basic & Advanced

A dangerous cargo endorsement is a certificate of authority for a seafarer that permits a person to work on any vessel that handles cargo classified as marine dangerous goods.

What is TAR Book & How to Apply?

What is TAR Book and its types? How to apply for it?

When you begin your onboard training, you will perform certain tasks as per your designation and those tasks will be noted down in the TAR Book. Have a look at the types and how to apply for it.

What is COC & How to apply?

How to apply for Certificate of Competency (COC): A complete guide

The COC certificate is mandatory for performing the responsibilities of Officer Incharge of Navigational Watch onboard a ship. See the documents required and the process to apply for it.

How to apply for COP & Watchkeeping ?

How to Apply for COP and Watchkeeping Certificates

Gaining COP enhances a candidate’s chances to get promoted to a higher position. The watchkeeping certificate mentions that the candidate has been found competent to perform certain functions at the specified levels.