List of Online Sponsorship Exams in Merchant Navy

Online sponsorship exams for Merchant Navy in 2023: List of companies

Sponsorship in the Merchant Navy means that you have been guaranteed by a company that upon completion of your pre-sea course you will be trained on board their ship and provided placement where you are also entitled to receive a stipend during your training period. Some Shipping companies conduct sponsorship exams throughout the year. Some of them conduct it once or twice a year. You can appear for sponsorship exams in 2 cases:

  • Before beginning your pre-sea training (academic course), you can appear for sponsorship exams and then apply for admission in a sponsored college like Anglo eastern. 
  • If you have already done your course from a non-sponsored college, you can appear for sponsorship exams held by shipping companies afterward too. However, it is advisable to pursue your course from a sponsored college as it increases your chance of getting your dream job.

Below, we have listed all the major Shipping companies that are conducting sponsorship exams in India in 2023.

Merchant Navy Companies Conducting Sponsorship exams in India in 2023

1. ESM (Executive Ship Management)

ESM commits that the crew sailing the company-managed ships is recruited and appropriately trained in-house. Every candidate goes through a rigorous ship-specific training regime at its training center, Samundra Institute of Maritime Studies (SIMS). Over 80% of the ESM managed ship’s officers are from cadets trained in-house at SIMS and by 2018 the Company is envisioned to be uniquely positioned to run its entire managed fleet by officers trained since cadetship.

If you wish to work with this company, you can pursue DNS, B.Tech in Marine Engineering, or B.Tech Lateral from Samundra Institute.

You can apply for their sponsorship exams from this link: Registration Link for SIMS

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2. Great Eastern Shipping Company

The Great Eastern Shipping company runs its own maritime institute “The Great Eastern Institute of Maritime Studies”. It offers G.P. Rating, DNS, ETO, and GME courses. The institute is one of the industry’s oldest and most well-known.

GEIMS can place you with GE Shipping or other major international shipping firms. The courses are thorough, providing you with everything you’ll need to excel in this field. The courses are one-of-a-kind in that it combines classroom instruction with hands-on training utilizing simulation techniques and a live engine.

You can apply for their sponsorship exams from this link: Registration form for Admissions in GEIMS

3. Shipping Companies Affiliated with TMI

Tolani Maritime Institute is located in Pune, Maharashtra. It offers pre-sea training courses in DNS, B.Sc in Nautical Science, B.Tech in Marine Engineering, and ETO. It offers sponsorship and provides placement in Maersk, Fleet Management, Chevron, MSC, Stena, FML, MOL, Nortrans, Scorpio, V Ships, Wallem, and more shipping companies. 

You can check out their sponsorship exam details here: TMI Online Admissions

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4. Mediterranean Shipping Company

MSC has been the largest container shipping line since late 2021, operating in all major ports of the world. It sails on more than 215 trade routes and operates 570 container vessels. 

MSC is affiliated with a lot of DG approved institutes across India and is undertaking sponsorship exams for Diploma in Nautical Science. After clearing exams, selected cadets will be assigned to DG Shipping Approved Institutes on the basis of Final results.

You can apply for their sponsorship exams from this link: MSC deck cadet careers

5. Maersk Line

A.P. Moller – Maersk is a container logistics firm that works to link and streamline the supply chains of its customers. Maersk will conduct the recruitment process for B.Sc. Nautical Science, B.E. Marine Engineering, and ETO for the Year 2023. It is affiliated with colleges such as Tolani and International Maritime Institute. 

While working with Maersk, you will have the opportunity to contribute to and improve your skills on highly advanced vessels that are outfitted with the greatest and most up-to-date technology. You can apply for their sponsorship exams from this link: Maersk Indian Cadets Recruitment

6. Synergy Shipping Company

On its global fleet of oil and chemical tankers, LPG and LNG carriers, bulk carriers, and container ships, the Synergy Group provides a wide range of opportunities. It takes pleasure in employing the greatest seafarers and providing them with a first-class atmosphere in which to grow and advance their careers. You can apply for sponsorship in G.P. Rating, BSc in Nautical Science, DNS, or B.Tech in Marine Engineering courses. 

You can apply for their sponsorship exams from this link: Synergy Sponsorship Application

7. Scorpio Marine Management

Scorpio Shipping is a prominent owner and operator of contemporary Handysize and Supramax dry bulk ships around the globe. It’s own ships, sailors, and in-house technical operations improve responsiveness and provide clients with seamless service and support.

If you are looking for opportunities with sustainable growth that broaden your horizons in a dynamic environment, then you can surely explore career possibilities with Scorpio. You can apply for their sponsorship exams from this link: Career opportunities at Scorpio

8. TS Rahaman

TS Rahaman is located in Mumbai, Maharashtra. It offers pre-sea training courses in G.P. Rating, DNS, B.Sc in Nautical Science, GME, CCMC, and STCW Courses. It offers sponsorship and provides placement in Anglo Eastern Group, Fleet Management, and more shipping companies.

You can book their courses online through this link: TS Rahaman Pre-Sea Online Course Booking

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9. MSC, Scorpio, PIL, V Ships

All these shipping companies are affiliated with IMI (International Maritime Institute), which offers courses in DNS, B.Tech in Marine Engineering, GME, and ETO. Batches for these courses are conducted every year and you can apply for them online. Find the link here: IMI Online Sponsorship Application for Merchant Navy

10. Wallem Shipping Management

Wallem Shipping Group conducts sponsorship exams on demand. You can give sponsorship exams for G.P. Rating, DNS, BSc in Nautical Science, B.Tech in Marine Engineering, and ETO. It offers an extensive range of learning and development opportunities at its Wallem Academy. 

You can apply for their sponsorship exams from this link: Wallem Shipping Careers

11. Sponsorship through AMET University

Academy of Maritime Education and Training (AMET) conducts sponsorship exams for B.Sc in Nautical Science and in Marine Engineering. It is affiliated with two shipping companies – V Ships and Maersk. You can apply for sponsorships of these companies individually through the following links:

12. Shipping Corporation of India

The SCI (Shipping Corporation of India) runs its own maritime institute “SCI Maritime Training Institute” in Mumbai. The Diploma in Nautical Science Course (DNS) course of the institute is affiliated with Indian Maritime University (IMU). 

All pre-sea courses of MTI, Diploma in Nautical Science Course (DNS), and Graduate Mechanical Engineers Course (GME) are rated as A-1 as per the CIP (Comprehensive Inspection Program) of the Directorate General of Shipping (DGS) Government of India.

You can check the application procedure and other details of courses here: DNS and other courses at MTI

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13. Varren Marines Shipping

VMS takes pleasure in offering entire end-to-end shipping solutions to ship owners and organizations, as well as assisting new aspirants in starting a successful career in the merchant navy, thanks to a strong work ethic and customer-first attitude. Varren Marines Shipping offers sponsorship in 5 merchant navy courses: GP Rating, Graduate Marine Engineering, Diploma in Nautical Science, B.Tech Marine Engineering, and Electro-Technical Officer. It conducts sponsorship exams all around the year.

You can apply for their sponsorship exams from this link: Varren Marine Shipping Sponsorship Application

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