Marlins & Seagull Test

Marlins test and Seagull test: What are they and how to apply?

Marlins test:

The working language of the seas is English, and communication skills are crucial to ensure smooth and successful operations onboard. If you don’t belong to an English-speaking nation like the United States, England, or Australia; you are required to appear for Marlins test. It is an English proficiency test required to onboard any cruise line in the world. 

The best and the highest paid jobs are most often found on foreign vessels, and it is impossible to get there without a proper level of English. This test can only be passed in a specially certified center Approved TOSE Training center.

The cost of the test is $20 and it’s non-refundable by any company. The applicant can pay by credit card or PayPal, and one access key will be provided to the registered email address upon confirmation. In addition, certain manning agencies in India, the Philippines, and Brazil let you take the exam at the agency and pay in local currency.

You need to select the correct version of the test, the Marlins English Language Test for Cruise Ship Staff. Other versions are not the correct ones for cruise ships, neither yachts nor river cruises.

GP Rating Admission 2024 (Marlins test)

Test details

The test will have 50 questions and needs to be completed in under thirty minutes. The test consists of 5 categories: Listening Comprehension, Grammar, Vocabulary, Reading, and Time and Numbers. For entry-level crew positions, it’s necessary to achieve at least 65% on the score, while for staff positions the score should be higher than 85%. For Guest Services, Entertainment, and Technical positions you should reach at least 95% (if not 100%). Note that this is for Cruise Ship Staff.

For Seafarers and Offshore workers, the Marlins test consists of 85 questions broken down into 6 categories: Listening Comprehension, Grammar, Vocabulary, Time and Numbers, Different sounds and pronunciation, and Reading. The recommended time to complete the test is 60 minutes.

Tips for the Marlins exam

  • Use headphones during the test. Some questions might need you to listen to audio recordings that simulate a discussion between a passenger and a member of the crew. Headphones will help in listening to the audio clearly.
  • Pay close attention until the end of the audio phrases, since certain questions’ correct solutions can only be found in the final seconds of the audio.
  • Don’t take the test on your mobile or tablet. People have reported that the mobile version has a lot of bugs.
  • Use strong browsers such as Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, as other applications may stop during the exam, resulting in the loss of all your efforts.
  • AIMS Institute of Maritime Studies, Mumbai
  • Antares Marine India Pvt Ltd, Haryana
  • Arina Sync Marine Training Institute, Mumbai
  • Aurus Ship Management Pvt Ltd, Mumbai
  • Girik Institute of Maritime Studies, Mumbai
  • International Maritime Training Center, Mumbai
  • Ryan Ship Management Pvt Ltd, Mumbai
  • S P Marine Services, Mumbai
  • V.Ships India Pvt Ltd, Chennai and Mumbai
  • Uniship Management Pvt Ltd, Mumbai

Seagull test (Crew Evaluation System):

The Seagull test or Crew Evaluation System is a specific collection of questions designed to test a seafarer’s competency in fundamental maritime knowledge. This questionnaire serves as an online evaluation tool for seafarers, and it has been created in compliance with the STCW rules.

The objective of this test is to assess seafarers’ basic knowledge and aptitude for a certain profession onboard. It is a dynamic seafarers’ test that allows all marine firms to tailor the questionnaire to their unique requirements.

The exam is a regular crew test, which eliminates chances of discrepancy. This means that all the candidates will be tested on the basis of the same STCW approved criteria, in a standardized manner.

Seagull tools like the Ability Profiling Tool (APRO) assist marine recruiters in identifying a candidate’s ability to cope with situations early on, allowing them to make fair judgments on that basis.

Test details

Seagull provides a variety of courses covering many elements of the marine industry, such as crisis and crowd management, integrated navigation systems, and ballast water management. These courses combine academic information with practical activities to provide sailors with the maximum exposure possible. As such, both aspects of the course are tested during this crew evaluation test.

The task database consists of 6,500 questions with multiple choice answers. The test needs to be completed in 3 hours (maximum 6 – which can affect the overall score). 


Tips for the Seagull test

  • Get the course material from the official website and look for courses specific to the job position you aspire for. It will familiarize you with the kind of questions you can encounter during the final Seagull Test. 
  • Take the onboard courses – they will help you learn both theoretical knowledge and training to handle real-life situations. 
  • The courses are accompanied by manuals and workbooks that include practice exercises. These exercises serve as practical training for specific situations. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I get Marlins test?

You can appear for the Marlins test both online or at a test center. Simply go to the Marlins test official website, where you will find options to register for both. 

2. How many questions does the Marlins test have?

The questions asked in the Marlins test depend upon the position that you’re associated with. For Cruise Ship Staff, 50 questions are asked. Whereas for Seafarers and Offshore workers, 85 questions are included in the test.

3. What is the passing score in the Marlins test?

The minimum passing percentage for the Marlins test is 65%. You should, however, check with your employer and ask them to specify the minimum rate they accept. In many cases, 85% is required. The passing score further depends on the rank you’re applying for. For OS, even 45% is permissible while for the Chief Officer/Master, it can be 85%. 

4. How much does a Marlins test cost?

The cost of the test is $20 and it’s non-refundable by any company. The applicant can pay by credit card or PayPal, and one access key will be provided to the registered email address upon confirmation. In addition, certain manning agencies in India, the Philippines, and Brazil let you take the exam at the agency and pay in local currency.

5. What is Seagull test?

The seagull test, also known as the Crew evaluation test, includes a specialized set of questions conducted to assess the proficiency of a seafarer in terms of basic marine knowledge. The goal of this test is to assess seafarers’ fundamental knowledge and fitness for a certain vocation. It is an online test curated according to the STCW guidelines for seafarers. 

6. What is Seagull application?

Seagull application is an app available for candidates who want to prepare for the Seagull test. This application consists answers of to varied kinds of questions that can be asked in the exam. Through this app, you will be able to learn about the incidents that happen at the shores or sea and how to handle those situations. 

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