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Escalating Maritime Attacks

Houthis Target MSC and Zodiac Ships in Escalating Maritime Attacks

25th May 2024 Report : Houthis target MSC, Zodiac ships in sea attacks. Yemen’s Houthi rebels have claimed responsibility for […]

Red Sea Crisis Creates Profit

Container Shipping Back in the Black: Red Sea Crisis Creates Profit Boom

25th May 2024 Report : Red Sea crisis triggers container shipping profit boom. After 18 months of dwindling profits, the […]

Lack of Training in Maritime Industry

Lack of Training Berths Creates Rough Seas for Maritime Industry’s Future

24th May 2024 Report : Shortage of training slots threatens maritime industry’s future. The maritime industry, a critical sector for […]

Shipping Companies Fined $2 Million

Shipping Companies Fined $2 Million for Deliberate Oil Dumping and Record Falsification

23rd May 2024 Report : Shipping firms fined $2M for oil dumping, record keeping fraud. Two shipping companies, Prive Overseas […]

Sri Lanka Eyes BRICS Membership

Sri Lanka Eyes BRICS Membership, Seeks Backing from India

22nd May 2024 Report : Sri Lanka seeks BRICS entry with India’s support. Sri Lanka has expressed its strong desire […]

India and UAE IMEEC Meeting

India and UAE Create a new Path for Efficient Trade with IMEEC Meeting

21st May 2024 Report : India-UAE discuss trade efficiency at IMEEC meet. New Delhi, India: In a significant step towards […]

Cargo Ship Finally Leave Baltimore

Stranded Cargo Ship to Finally Leave Baltimore Harbor, Indian Crew Remains on Board

20th May 2024 Report : Stranded cargo ship departs Baltimore with Indian crew still on board. Baltimore, MD (May 20, […]

International Day for Women in Maritime 2024

Women Navigate a Safer Course: International Day for Women in Maritime 2024

18th May 2024 Report : Celebrating Women in Maritime Safety: 2024 Today, on the 18th of May 2024, the world […]

India Seeks Release 40 Sailors by Iran

India Seeks Release of Nearly 40 Sailors Detained by Iran

16th May 2024 Report : India demands release of 40 sailors held by Iran. Tensions simmered between India and Iran […]

Chabahar Port Deal

S. Jaishankar Responds Firmly to US Warning on Chabahar Port Deal

15th May 2024 Report : S. Jaishankar Firmly Responds to US Warning on Chabahar Port Deal n a recent development, […]

India and Iran Cement Long-Term Partnership

India and Iran Cement Long-Term Partnership for Chabahar Port Development

14th May 2024 Report : India, Iran ink long-term Chabahar port deal In a significant development for regional trade connectivity, […]

Transportation Revolutions in Guwahati

Assam Sets Sail for a Transportation Revolution: India’s First River Terminal Arrives in Guwahati

13th May 2024 Report : Guwahati christens India’s first river terminal, launching a transportation revolution for Assam. Assam is poised […]