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The Panama Canal Authority recognizes the need for long-term sustainability and has taken steps to address the issue of drought

Navigating Drought Challenges: Why The Panama Canal Remains The Maritime Industry’s Preferred Route

13 September 2023 The Panama Canal, a crucial artery in global trade, is facing a significant challenge as drought conditions […]

maritime industry becomes increasingly digitized and interconnected, it becomes a more attractive target for cybercriminals and hostile actors

Securing The Seas: The Imperative Of Maritime Cybersecurity

12  September 2023 In an era defined by digital transformation and technological advancement, virtually no industry remains untouched by the […]

The Panama Canal's reduced capacity has disrupted supply chains, causing delays in the delivery of goods and raw materials

Drought Threatens Panama Canal: Impacts On Global Trade And Sustainability

11 September 2023  The Panama Canal, a vital waterway connecting the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, is facing one of its […]

The global shipping industry's commitment to reducing its environmental impact is a positive step towards a sustainable future.

Navigating The Path To Net Zero: How The Global Shipping Industry Is Leading The Way

11 September 2023 In the face of climate change, one industry stands as both a key contributor to the problem […]

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari

Infrastructure Deal Between India and Nigeria to Change Agriculture and Shipping Ports

11th September 2023 Overview: India-Nigeria infrastructure deal India and Nigeria have signed a landmark infrastructure deal aimed at bolstering agriculture […]

Biden arrives in India ready to counter China's influence

Biden’s G20 Strategy To Counter China’s Belt And Road Initiative Via India’s NSTC

10 September 2023 Overview: NSTC | BRI New Delhi – As world leaders will gather in New Delhi for the […]

mazagon dock shipbuilders will provide servicing and maintenance support to the U.S. Naval Fleet operating in the Indian Ocean region.

Strategic Milestone: Mazagon Dock And U.S. Government Join Forces To Service U.S. Naval Fleet In India

9 September 2023 Overview: Mazagon Dock And U.S. Mumbai – In a historic development for India’s defense and maritime industry, […]

green fuel in shipping industry

Challenges And Solutions In Securing Green Fuel Supply For The Shipping Industry

8 September 2023 Overview: Green Fuel Supply in Shipping Industry The global shipping industry, responsible for moving over 80% of […]

cargo fire

Maritime Insurers Unite: A Comprehensive Initiative To Reduce Cargo Fires

7 September 2023 Overview: Maritime Insurers unite (Cargo Fires) Major maritime insurers unite to address the ongoing problem of cargo […]

shipping sector use fuel only one-third carbon-neutral

By 2030, the shipping sector hopes to use fuel that is only one-third carbon-neutral

8th September 2023 The global shipping industry, a crucial component of international trade, is embarking on an ambitious journey to […]

Grain Deal

As long as the West doesn’t meet its demands, Russia won’t renew the grain deal

6th September 2023 Overview: Grain Deal Russia has thrown the global grain market into turmoil by announcing its decision not […]

Shanghai Jiushi: first zero-emission

Shanghai Jiushi: First Zero-Emission Battery-Powered Cruise Ship to be Launched in China

5 September 2023 Overview: Shanghai Jiushi: first zero-emission Cruise Ship Shanghai Jiushi: first zero-emission cruise ship, will be unveiled by […]