Cargo ship Capsizes in the coast of a Greek Island, leaving 12 missing & 1 dead

Sunken Ship of Greece

28th November 2023

Greece: Sunken Ship Report

In a harrowing maritime incident off the coast of Greece, the search for 12 missing individuals aboard the sunken ship Raptor, linked to the Lebanese firm Cedar Marine Services, continues as new details about the tragic event come to light.

The Raptor, a cargo vessel with ties to Cedar Marine Services, encountered trouble in the Mediterranean Sea on November 25, prompting an urgent and widespread rescue operation. The Raptor was registered in Comoros, was on it’s way to Istanbul from Alexandria, Egypt carrying 6,000 tons of Salt. The crew members including 8 Egyptians, 4 Indians, 2 Syrians as per the coast guard information.

The international maritime community has rallied to aid in the search and rescue efforts, with vessels and aircraft from multiple nations contributing to the mission. The Hellenic Coast Guard, supported by neighboring countries and international organizations, is leading the operation to locate the missing crew members and determine the circumstances surrounding the ship’s sinking.

As the search enters its fourth day, hopes of finding survivors are diminishing, but rescuers remain determined to explore every possibility. Drones, sonar equipment, and underwater cameras have been deployed to scan the seabed for any signs of the sunken vessel and potential survivors.

New details emerging from the ongoing investigation suggest that the Raptor may have faced mechanical issues before succumbing to the rough seas. Preliminary reports from maritime authorities indicate that distress signals were received from the ship shortly before it disappeared from radar.

The exact nature of the mechanical problems and whether they were exacerbated by the adverse weather conditions remain key questions for investigators.

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Cedar Marine Services, the Lebanese firm associated with the ill-fated Raptor, has expressed deep concern for the missing crew members and is cooperating fully with authorities. In a statement, the company emphasized its commitment to safety and pledged to collaborate transparently in the investigation.

The incident has prompted discussions on maritime safety standards and the need for enhanced protocols during adverse weather conditions. Industry experts and authorities are calling for a comprehensive review of safety measures to prevent similar tragedies in the future.

The families of the missing crew members are enduring an agonizing wait for news about their loved ones. Authorities are providing support and regular updates to the families, but the uncertainty surrounding the fate of the missing individuals adds to the emotional strain they are facing.

The international community has offered condolences to the affected families and expressed solidarity with the ongoing search and rescue efforts. Diplomatic channels are actively engaged to facilitate smooth coordination between the countries involved in the operation.

As the search continues, the focus is on locating the missing individuals and retrieving any possible wreckage. Salvage operations are being planned to recover the sunken ship’s remains, which could provide crucial evidence for the ongoing investigation.

The incident involving the Raptor serves as a stark reminder of the inherent risks associated with maritime activities and the critical importance of robust safety measures.

As the search and investigation unfold, the global maritime community awaits answers, hoping for a resolution that brings closure to the families and valuable insights to prevent similar tragedies in the future.

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