IAPH Joins Forces with Indian Ports at International Ports Conclave

IAPH Joins Forces with Indian Ports

6th May 2024

Report : IAPH teams up with Indian ports at 1st International Conclave.

The Indian Maritime University (IMU) hosted its first-ever International Ports Conclave on May 3rd, 2024, marking a significant step towards fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange within the maritime sector. The event, held at the IMU’s main campus near Chennai, brought together a distinguished gathering of stakeholders, including representatives from the International Association of Ports and Harbors (IAPH), the Indian Ministry of Ports, Shipping and Waterways, leading Indian port authorities, academics, logistics innovators, and students.

The conclave’s theme, “Ports and Terminals: Crisis and Disaster Management – Policies and Strategies,” resonated deeply in the current global climate. With an increasing frequency of extreme weather events and disruptions to international trade, effective crisis management strategies have become paramount for port operations. The event provided a platform for in-depth discussions on best practices, risk mitigation techniques, and fostering resilience within port infrastructure.

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A key highlight of the conclave was the participation of the IAPH, the world’s leading association for port authorities and related businesses. IAPH actively engaged with Indian ports, playing a crucial role in facilitating knowledge exchange and collaboration. This included co-hosting the “Port Endeavor” business simulation game, a unique learning experience for port management executives and IMU students.

The game, designed by IAPH, presented participants with a realistic scenario where they had to manage a port amidst various challenges, including natural disasters, economic disruptions, and logistical bottlenecks. Working together in teams, participants had to make critical decisions regarding resource allocation, infrastructure upgrades, and emergency response protocols. This interactive exercise provided valuable insights into crisis management strategies and fostered a sense of teamwork between industry professionals and future maritime leaders.

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The conclave’s success was further bolstered by the presence of high-level dignitaries. The event was inaugurated by the Shipping Secretary of the Ministry of Ports, Shipping and Waterways, alongside the Vice-Chancellor of IMU and the Consul General of Belgium to India. This participation from government officials underscored the importance of collaboration between academic institutions, industry leaders, and policymakers in shaping the future of India’s maritime sector.


The inaugural International Ports Conclave at IMU signifies a positive step towards strengthening India’s position in the global maritime landscape. The participation of IAPH and the focus on crisis management highlight the industry’s commitment to building resilience and adapting to a dynamic global environment. The event’s success paves the way for future collaborations and fosters a culture of knowledge exchange between experienced professionals and the next generation of maritime leaders. This collaborative approach will be instrumental in ensuring the smooth functioning of Indian ports and their continued contribution to the nation’s economic growth.

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