India Seeks Release of Nearly 40 Sailors Detained by Iran

India Seeks Release 40 Sailors by Iran

16th May 2024

Report : India demands release of 40 sailors held by Iran.

Tensions simmered between India and Iran this week after New Delhi called for the release of nearly 40 Indian seafarers currently detained by Iranian authorities. The sailors were apprehended from four separate merchant ships seized by Iran over the past eight months on various charges.

The issue came to light following a meeting in Tehran between India’s Ports, Shipping and Waterways Minister Sarbananda Sonowal and Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian. During the meeting, which coincided with India signing a crucial 10-year deal to operate the Iranian port of Chabahar, Sonowal reportedly urged Abdollahian to secure the release of all Indian sailors in Iranian custody.

While Abdollahian reportedly expressed a positive stance on the release, he cited ongoing legal procedures as the reason for the delay. Details regarding the specific charges against the sailors and the seized vessels remain unclear. However, sources close to the development claim that the ships include the Steven, Global Cherylyn, Margol, and MSC Aries. The Steven was reportedly apprehended by the Iranian Coast Guard in September 2023 on accusations of smuggling, with its crew subsequently detained.

The detention of Indian sailors has become a recurring point of friction between the two nations. In 2022, Iran detained 12 Indian crew members from two separate ships for allegedly entering Iranian territorial waters without permission. The sailors were eventually released after several weeks of diplomatic pressure from New Delhi.

Release of Nearly 40 Sailors

The current situation presents a delicate challenge for India. Maintaining a strong relationship with Iran is crucial for India’s energy security, with Iran being a significant supplier of crude oil. Additionally, the newly signed Chabahar port deal holds immense strategic value for India, facilitating trade with Central Asia and bypassing Pakistan.

However, India cannot remain silent on the continued detention of its citizens, particularly without clear justifications from Iran. The Indian government is likely to continue diplomatic efforts to secure the sailors’ release while simultaneously trying to avoid jeopardizing the broader relationship with Iran.

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Uncertainties and Potential Outcomes

The fate of the detained sailors hinges on the progress of the aforementioned legal procedures in Iran. The exact nature of the charges and the transparency of the legal process will significantly influence the timeline of their release.

Diplomatic negotiations between India and Iran will play a critical role. India’s ability to leverage its economic and strategic ties with Iran, while simultaneously expressing its concern for the sailors’ well-being, could prove decisive.

The international community might also play a part. Depending on the severity of the charges and the perceived fairness of the legal proceedings, international pressure on Iran could potentially expedite the sailors’ release.


The detention of Indian sailors by Iran is a complex issue with ramifications for both nations. While India seeks a swift resolution through diplomatic channels, ensuring the well-being of its citizens remains a top priority. The coming weeks will be crucial in determining the outcome of this situation, with both nations needing to navigate the delicate balance between safeguarding their interests and fostering a productive relationship.

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