Visakhapatnam Port Makes History by Berthing Massive Container Ship MSC Teresa

Massive Container Ship MSC Teresa

6th May 2024

Report : Visakhapatnam Port welcomes largest ever container ship to call on India’s East Coast.

The Visakhapatnam Port Authority (VPA) etched its name in maritime history on May 3rd, 2024, by successfully handling the largest container vessel ever to call at an Indian port on the east coast. The behemoth, christened MSC Teresa, dwarfed previous contenders with its impressive dimensions and cargo capacity.

The MSC Teresa boasts a staggering length of 365.5 meters (almost four football fields!) and a beam (width) of 51.2 meters. This translates to a massive carrying capacity of 14,604 Twenty-foot Equivalent Units (TEUs). A TEU is a standardized container size used to measure a ship’s cargo capacity. For perspective, the MSC Teresa can carry enough containers to stretch for over 68 kilometers if placed end-to-end.

The arrival of the MSC Teresa marks a significant milestone for the VPA’s ongoing efforts to modernize and expand its infrastructure. Efficient berthing of such a colossal vessel wouldn’t have been possible without meticulous planning and cutting-edge port facilities. According to a VPA press release, Captains T. Ravi Kiran and R.C. Sarma, ably assisted by Dy. Conservator Sri T. Srinivas, played a pivotal role in berthing the MSC Teresa at the VCTPL (Visakhapatnam Container Terminal Private Limited) facility.

Visakhapatnam Port MSc Teresa

The successful handling of the MSC Teresa signifies the growing importance of Visakhapatnam Port as a major commercial hub in India. The ability to accommodate such large vessels opens doors to increased trade volumes and strengthens India’s position in the global maritime trade network. This achievement is particularly noteworthy considering the ever-growing size of container ships. As international trade flourishes, larger vessels are being built to meet the demand for efficient and economical cargo transportation. Ports that can efficiently handle these giants stand to gain a significant competitive advantage.

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The VPA’s accomplishment is a testament to India’s commitment to developing world-class port infrastructure. Upgrading existing facilities and building new ones equipped to handle mega-ships is crucial for the country’s economic growth. Efficient port operations translate to faster cargo movement, reduced logistics costs, and ultimately, a boost to exports and imports.

This landmark event is likely to have a ripple effect across various sectors. It could potentially attract new shipping lines and businesses to Visakhapatnam, leading to increased investment and job creation in the region. Additionally, the successful handling of the MSC Teresa serves as a benchmark for other Indian ports, encouraging them to invest in infrastructure upgrades to keep pace with the evolving maritime landscape.


The arrival of the MSC Teresa at Visakhapatnam is a watershed moment for India’s maritime industry. It showcases the country’s growing prowess in handling mega-ships and reinforces its commitment to becoming a global leader in maritime trade. This achievement paves the way for a brighter future for Visakhapatnam Port and the Indian economy as a whole.

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