Piracy Has Declined Globally To Its Lowest In Years

October 13, 2022

The ICC International Maritime Bureau (IMB) has identified the lowest rate of international piracy and armed robbery occurrences since 1992 when reviewing the first two-thirds of this year. The first nine months of 2022 witnessed 90 incidences of pirate attacks against vessels, the fewest such cases in the past 33 years, according to the ICC IMB’s most recent international quarter pirate report.

In 95% of the recorded instances, which are degraded as 85 boats attacked, four major attacks, and one vessel abducted, the attackers were able to gain entrance to the vessels. Nearly all of the occurrences took place at night, and several of the vessels were whether at rest or underway when they were attacked.

Deny the reality that these are some of the few reports in a long time, there are still 27 crew members held to ransom, six attacked, and five intimidated. No matter how trivial or convenient the situation, there is still a serious risk to the crew.

13 of the 90 pirate attacks and armed robbery incidents reported worldwide to 27 during the identical period in 2021—have taken place in the Gulf of Guinea region, indicating a substantial and positive drop in the number of cases reported in the territory of west Africa, which has become the world’s largest piracy hotspot in recent years.

“We congratulate the actions of the coastline authority in the Gulf of Guinea,” IMB director Michael Howlett said. Although the drop is to be welcomed, the maritime officials’ initial effort and the existence of the worldwide navies are still necessary to protect seafarers and long-term regional and worldwide shipping and trade. No room exists for carelessness.

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