Oil Tanker Explodes in Thailand, 1 Dead, 4 Hurt & others missing


On January 17, 2023, an oil tanker exploded at a dockyard on the Mae Klong river in Thailand’s Muang district. Seven individuals are still unaccounted for, two people died, and four others suffered serious injuries. 500 metres from the vessel, parts of one of the dead were discovered. The blast was audible more than 10 kilometres distant and caused damage to surrounding homes.

Watch the Explosion Video here.

It was extremely difficult to combat the fire and seek for survivors as a result of the fire’s violent escalation and many explosions. The mobilisation of more than 10 fire engines came from several authorities.

The provincial labour protection office will question the employer and other parties to ascertain whether the Occupational Health and Safety Act was broken, according to Niyom Songkaew, chief of the Department of Labour Protection and Welfare.

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