Jailed Seafarer Back Home From China With MUI’s Help

Mr. Subodh Sahu, Third officer, had been under detention in Ningbo Jail, China, since 20th April 2019. Due to Covid 19 and long legal procedures in China, the case could not conclude as fast as anticipated.

The Maritime Union of India (MUI) was contacted by Sabu’s family. Under the direction of its General Secretary, Capt. Tushar Pradhan, MUI took a compassionate stance and contacted the Ministry of External Affairs, the Directorate General of Shipping, and all other pertinent government agencies to request their assistance in hastening the resolution of the matter and ensuring Sabu’s quick return home.

Over the past three years, MUI has maintained constant contact with the seafarer’s family and provided all possible assistance. Early in August, when Capt. Pradhan became the new General Secretary, MUl pursued the case with the Indian Embassy in Shanghai with renewed vigor.

On September 30, 2022, the officer finally returned to India after completing all legal and travel obligations.

Below is a picture of Mr. Subodh Sabu with the MUI members.

subodh sabu back home from china with MUI help

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