Dock workers of Liverpool are all prepared to strike in September over payment issues

As a result of the below inflation payment, more than 560 workers of Liverpool port will be on strike. The port is one of the largest British ports. The strike will be for two weeks from September 19 to October 3. Unite the union blames Mersea Docks and Harbour Company (M.D.H.C.) for offering a lower pay rise of 7%. While the current inflation rate is around 12.3%.

Moreover, M.D.H.C. is also indicted for failing to assess the remuneration on a daily basis as well as not ameliorating the shift rotations. M.D.H.C. made a statement that they gave dockworkers an offer of 8.3% along with improvements in sick pay, pensions as well as shifts.

M.D.H.C. is owned by Peel Ports, whose Chief Operating  Officer David Huck said that their offer was above the national average. Also, the pay is finalized keeping in mind the stagnation in the container market, the global economy as well as the Ukraine conflict. He also added that they will continue to plead with the union to come to a settlement, otherwise the industry and many families would have to suffer the consequences for a long period.

According to Unite, M.D.H.C. made a profit of £30m in 2021, and they could have paid generously. Unite secretary told that workers across the country are suffering due to the deteriorating pay condition and on the other hand big officials are filling their pockets by making profits without sharing them with the workforce aptly.

Unite lead officer for freeports, Steven Gerrard has warned M.D.H.C. of the future disruption which will occur by their current actions. The strike will not only affect the sea transport but also roadways. He also said that M.D.H.C. has not fulfilled its past promises of the previous year to its staff. According to the statement of M.D.H.C., they have recruited 150 workers in 12 months with improved work conditions. Industry experienced a similar disagreement in UK’s largest container port Felixstowe in late august also.

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