Houthis Target India-Bound Oil Tanker in Red Sea Attack

Houthis Target India-Bound

27th April 2024

Report : Yemen’s Houthi rebels attack India-bound oil tanker in Red Sea.

Yemen’s Houthi rebels launched a missile attack on April 26, 2024, targeting the Andromeda Star, a Seychelles-registered oil tanker en route to India from Russia. The US Central Command confirmed that three anti-ship ballistic missiles were fired by the Houthis, with one causing minor damage to the vessel. This incident marks a concerning escalation in Houthi activity in the Red Sea, a critical waterway for global oil transportation.

The motive behind the attack remains unclear. The Houthis have claimed it was a retaliation for ongoing Israeli airstrikes in Gaza. However, analysts suggest it could also be linked to broader regional tensions or an attempt to disrupt vital shipping lanes. The tanker itself was carrying Russian oil destined for India, a nation increasingly reliant on energy imports.

Heightened Tensions in the Red Sea

This attack comes amidst a worrying trend of Houthi attacks on commercial shipping in the Red Sea. Since November 2023, the Houthis have launched over 50 attacks, raising concerns about the safety of maritime traffic and the potential for a wider conflict. The Red Sea is a crucial passage for oil tankers transporting millions of barrels of oil daily, and disruptions can have a significant impact on global energy prices.

Oil Tanker Red Sea Attack

The international community has repeatedly condemned the Houthi attacks, urging them to cease targeting civilian vessels. The United Nations Security Council has also called for a peaceful resolution to the ongoing conflict in Yemen. However, the Houthis continue to defy these calls, highlighting the complex challenges in achieving stability in the region.

India’s Response and Potential Impacts

The attack on the Andromeda Star is particularly concerning for India, a major importer of crude oil. India relies heavily on the Red Sea for transporting oil from the Middle East and Russia. Any disruptions in this route could have significant economic repercussions for the country. The Indian government has not yet issued an official statement, but it is likely to raise diplomatic concerns with Yemen’s warring parties and urge them to ensure the safety of maritime navigation.

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The Houthis’ actions could also lead to increased insurance premiums for shipping companies operating in the Red Sea. This, in turn, could further disrupt trade flows and potentially raise energy prices for consumers worldwide.


The Houthi attack on the Andromeda Star is a stark reminder of the ongoing instability in Yemen and its potential to disrupt vital global trade routes. While the immediate damage was minimal, the incident underscores the need for a peaceful resolution to the Yemeni conflict. The international community, including regional powers, must intensify diplomatic efforts to de-escalate tensions and ensure safe passage for commercial shipping in the Red Sea. The economic consequences of continued attacks can be far-reaching, impacting not just the warring parties but also countries like India that rely heavily on the Red Sea for their energy security.

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