Houthis claim to be launching a missile at a merchant ship in Red Sea

Houthis Attack Maersk Gibraltar

16th December 2023

Houthis claim: attack on M/V Maersk Gibraltar report

In a disturbing escalation of maritime tensions in the Red Sea, Houthis claim the responsibility for launching a missile at the M/V Maersk Gibraltar, a Danish-owned merchant ship. The incident comes amid a series of attacks on vessels in the region, raising concerns about the safety of international shipping lanes and the potential for further destabilization.

The missile launch occurred on the evening of December as the M/V Maersk Gibraltar was navigating through the strategic Bab el Mandeb strait. The Houthis claim, who control significant portions of Yemen, a country situated on the southern end of the Red Sea, announced their involvement through a statement released on their official media channels.

According to the Houthi statement, the missile was fired in retaliation for what they claim to be an ongoing blockade imposed by a coalition led by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. The rebels argue that the blockade is causing immense suffering for the Yemeni population and, in response, they are targeting commercial vessels passing through the Red Sea.

Houthis claim

Following the missile launch, the Houthi forces hailed the M/V Maersk Gibraltar, communicating their motives and demanding an end to what they perceive as hostile actions against Yemen. The ship’s crew reportedly received a radio transmission from Houthi representatives, who reiterated their grievances and warned of further attacks if the alleged blockade persisted.

The Danish shipping company, Maersk, has yet to release an official statement regarding the incident. However, maritime authorities in the region have expressed deep concern over the growing frequency of attacks on commercial vessels, emphasizing the need for international cooperation to ensure the safety of maritime traffic.

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The Red Sea has become a hotspot for geopolitical tensions in recent years, with rivalries between regional powers exacerbating existing conflicts. The ongoing war in Yemen has further intensified these tensions, with Houthi rebels frequently targeting ships passing through the Red Sea, accusing them of collaborating with the Saudi-led coalition.

The international community has condemned the Houthis claim missile attack on the M/V Maersk Gibraltar, urging all parties involved to exercise restraint and seek diplomatic solutions to the underlying issues. The United Nations Security Council has called for an emergency meeting to address the situation and explore avenues for de-escalation.

Attack in Read Sea MV Gibraltar

This incident raises questions about the vulnerability of vital shipping routes and the potential economic consequences of continued unrest in the Red Sea. Governments and international organizations are under increased pressure to find a resolution to the conflicts in the region, as the safety of commercial vessels and the stability of global trade are at stake.

As tensions escalate, the maritime industry is closely monitoring developments in the Red Sea, with concerns growing over the potential impact on shipping operations and the safety of crews navigating through these troubled waters. The coming days will likely see intensified diplomatic efforts to ease tensions and prevent further disruptions to international maritime commerce.

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