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Missile Attack on tanker in Red sea

Missile Attack on India-Bound Tanker Raises Red Sea Tensions

17th February 2024 Report: Missile Attack on India-Bound Tanker in Red Sea. The tranquility of the Red Sea was shattered […]

Stability of Container Stacks

New Study Examines how the Weather Affects the Stability of Container Stacks

16th February 2024 Report: Study on how Container Stacks stability affected by Weather The global shipping industry hums with the […]

Maersk alerts impact on Profits

Maersk alerts Overstock Could Impact Profits

9th February 2024 Report: Maersk alert overstock could hits profits In a stark contrast to recent optimism, Danish shipping giant […]

Indian Refiners return to Iraq from Russia

Indian Refiners Return to Iraq as Russia Loses Grip on Top Supplier Spot

31st January 2024 Report: Indian Refiners Return to Iraq from Russia After a whirlwind year of Russian domination, Indian refiners […]

Somali Pirates attack

Rescue of a Sri Lankan Trawler from Somali Pirates

19th January 2024 Report: Sri Lankan Trawler where rescued from Somali Pirates In a chilling echo of a bygone era, […]

MT Marlin Luanda Tanker attack

Tanker Engulfed in Flames after Houthi Missile Strikes in Gulf of Aden

27th January 2024 Report: Tanker in Flames after Houthi Missile Strikes Chaos erupted in the vital Gulf of Aden shipping […]

Maersk ships Attack

Two Maersk Ships Escape Houthi Missile Attack in Red Sea

25th January 2024 Report: Two U.S. flagged Maersk ships Attack by Houthi Missile As two U.S. flagged Maersk ships, the […]

Largest Cruise Ship

World’s Largest Cruise Ship a Climate Concern

23 January 2024 Icon of the Seas a climate concern Royal Caribbean’s “Icon of the Seas,” an engineering marvel that […]

drone attack Russia

After a drone attack Russia suspends operations at the fuel export terminal

22 January 2024 Report: Drone Attack at Ust-Luga Russia A major fire at Ust-Luga, Russia a crucial Russian fuel export […]

Genco Picardy US owned bulk carrier

US hits the Houthis and the Indian Navy recovers the crew after an attack

19th January 2024 Report: US hits the Houthis and Indian Navy recovers the crew This week saw a new wave […]

Houthis Strike US-Owned Ship

Houthis Strike US-Owned Ship in Gulf of Aden

16th January 2024 Report: Houthis Strike US-Owned dry bulk ship In a tense escalation, Houthi forces in Yemen launched an […]

US and UK attack on Houthi

US and UK forces attack Houthi targets in Yemen in retaliation for Red Sea attacks

12th January 2024 Report: US and UK forces strike on Houthi President Joe Biden announced late Thursday that the United […]