After a drone attack Russia suspends operations at the fuel export terminal

drone attack Russia

22 January 2024

Report: Drone Attack at Ust-Luga Russia

A major fire at Ust-Luga, Russia a crucial Russian fuel export terminal has temporarily halted operations, raising concerns about potential disruptions to global energy markets and escalating tensions between Russia and Ukraine. The incident occurred on January 21st, 2024, at the Ust-Luga complex, a massive facility located on the Baltic Sea roughly 170 kilometers west of St. Petersburg.

Novatek NVTK.MM, Russia’s largest liquefied natural gas producer and operator of the Ust-Luga terminal, confirmed the fire and subsequent suspension of some operations. While the company attributed the incident to “external influence,” Ukrainian media outlets and officials claim responsibility for a drone attack, marking a potential turning point in the ongoing conflict.


The Ust-Luga terminal plays a vital role in Russia’s energy exports, processing gas condensate into various petroleum products like naphtha, kerosene, and diesel for shipment to international markets. The facility’s closure, even if temporary, could have significant repercussions for global energy prices and supply chains.

The full extent of the damage and the duration of the disruption remain unclear. Novatek stated that an operational headquarters has been established to address the situation and assess the damage. The regional administration in Leningrad Oblast has placed critical infrastructure facilities in the area on high alert and authorized security forces to destroy any detected drones.

Ukrainian officials view it as a successful operation against a critical Russian asset, potentially impacting fuel supply for the military and causing economic damage. On the other hand, the incident raises concerns about a potential escalation of the conflict, with Russia facing the possibility of deeper strikes within its own territory.

drone attack Russia

Beyond the immediate impact on energy markets and military logistics, the attack at Ust-Luga carries broader geopolitical implications. It signifies a potential shift in Ukrainian tactics, demonstrating their ability to strike targets deep inside Russia despite facing defensive challenges on the battlefield. This development could further strain relations between Moscow and the West, particularly regarding energy security and potential military responses.

The scenario is being closely observed by the international community, which is advising both parties to use caution and avoid escalation. Although the full effects of the Ust-Luga attack are still being felt, it is clear that it has had an impact on the world’s energy markets, the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, and the larger geopolitical environment.

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