Indian coastguard rescues 22 crew as tanker sailing from UAE takes on water

On Wednesday, the Indian Coastguard saved 22 crew members from a sinking ship in the Arabian Sea off the coast of Gujarat. The crew of the MT Global King put out a distress signal, and the maritime agency responded by dispatching at least two helicopters.

The 118-meter tanker departed Khor Fakkan in the UAE and headed toward Karwar in the state of Karnataka. The crew sent out a Mayday signal when it started taking on the water close to the Porbandar shore. It was transporting bitumen, an oil industry byproduct, in the amount of 6,000 tonnes. Twenty Indians made up the crew, and one came from Pakistan and Sri Lanka each.

Video footage showed the ship listing.

The Indian Coastguard tweeted, “In a quick rescue effort, all 22 crew members of distressed vessel MT Global King rescued by Indian Coastguard… launched from Porbandar to 93 nautical miles into the sea.”

“Everyone on board is safe and healthy.”

A coast guard helicopter’s video captured the vessel listing and a life raft close to the ocean. According to tanker monitoring services, the ship frequently transports cargo between the UAE, Oman, and India while flying the flag of Panama.

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