Cargo Ship Capsizes near the Pier in the Port of Iskenderun

On September 18, a cargo ship with Egyptian ownership lost stability at the eastern Turkish port of Iskenderun. According to the Turkish Ministry of Transports, attempts to stabilize the ship were made but were ineffective, causing the ship to roll onto its side.

A 38-year-old general cargo ship called the Sea Eagle (4,200 dwt) travels between Egypt and Turkey. On September 17, she landed in Iskenderun, where they were using a truck crane to unload containers. She is 290 feet long, registered in Togo, and her journey began in Alexandria, Egypt. On September 16, she made an interim halt in Mersin, Turkey.

The Sea Eagle was evacuated, according to the Ministry of Transport, after it became clear that the ship had lost stability. None of the crew members were hurt. The ship overturned and came to rest on the seafloor with its port side facing up.

24 containers were taken from the harbor, and a boom was set up all around the ship to catch the dripping oil. According to the Ministry, attempts are being made to pump the ship’s remaining oil. So far, 63.5 tons of oil have been removed from the ship. In order to ascertain whether the vessel can be salvaged, survey work is currently being done.

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