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Waiting Period in Merchant Navy

How to Handle Long Waiting Period in Merchant Navy?

Depending on the shipping firm you are sponsored by, the waiting period’s duration will vary. However, cadets wait for atleast for 6 Months

Sponsorship Exam 2024

4 Must-Apply Sponsorship Exams for Merchant Navy in 2024

By Smit Lokhandwala (Deck Cadet) If you are applying for IMU-CET in 2024 and still looking for sponsorship then this […]

Qualities of a Seafarer

Sailing Success: 10 Essential Qualities Every Seafarer Must Possess

Merchant Navy ships carry very important & sometime Dangerous cargo which makes it very important that the officers working on these ships are trained well and must have skills & qualities required to make these ships sail smooth.

Merchant Navy after 12th

How to Join Merchant Navy after 12th in India: Careers and Eligibility

The Merchant Navy is a glamorous and exotic career option for people who wish to join after completing their 12th. Check out the career options available and process to join the industry!

Types of Jobs on Cruise Ships

Cruise Ship Jobs Unveiled: Types, Pay Scale & Eligibility for a Thriving Maritime Career

Let’s have a look at the departments on cruise ships and the types of jobs available in them, along with their pay scale. We have listed 30 different jobs and their salary ranges in this blog!

What is TAR Book & How to Apply?

What is TAR Book and its types? How to apply for it?

When you begin your onboard training, you will perform certain tasks as per your designation and those tasks will be noted down in the TAR Book. Have a look at the types and how to apply for it.

9 things to know before joining Merchanr Navy

9 important things to know before joining Merchant Navy

Getting paid for traveling the world and working on a ship definitely sounds enticing, but there are a few things you need to consider before taking the first step towards making a career in this field.