Indian Coast Guard Detains Iranian Vessel with Indian Crew off Kerala Coast

Indian Coast Guard Detains Iranian Vessel

8th May 2024

Report : Indian Coast Guard intercepts Iranian boat with Indian crew off Kerala.

On May 5, 2024, in a swift operation involving both ships and aircraft, the Indian Coast Guard (ICG) detained an Iranian fishing vessel off the coast of Kerala, near Beypore. The vessel, which was intercepted west of Beypore, carried six Indian crew members.

The ICG launched a coordinated sea-air operation after detecting the Iranian vessel in Indian waters. Upon intercepting the boat, a team boarded it to conduct a thorough investigation for any potential involvement in illegal activities. The initial investigation revealed a complex story behind the vessel’s presence in Indian waters.

According to the Indian Ministry of Defence, the boat was owned by an Iranian sponsor who had hired the six Indian fishermen, all hailing from Tamil Nadu. The fishermen were issued Iranian visas specifically for fishing off the Iranian coast. However, the situation took an unexpected turn when the crew members alleged mistreatment by the Iranian sponsor. They claimed the sponsor subjected them to poor living conditions, withheld their passports, and deprived them of basic necessities. Faced with these hardships, the Indian fishermen decided to take a daring escape and used the same Iranian boat to return to India.

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The ICG’s swift action ensured the safe detention of the vessel and its crew. Following the initial investigation, the detained vessel was escorted to Kochi for further inquiries. This included verifying the claims of the Indian fishermen and determining if any laws were broken by either party.

The incident highlights the challenges faced by Indian fishermen working abroad. While details regarding the specific contract between the fishermen and the Iranian sponsor are yet to be revealed, the case raises concerns about potential exploitation and the importance of ensuring proper working conditions for Indian nationals employed overseas. The Indian government, through its embassies and consulates, is likely to play a crucial role in ensuring the well-being of the fishermen and facilitating their safe return home.

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The Iranian government may also be contacted to understand the sponsor’s perspective and determine if any violations of Iranian labor laws occurred. Depending on the findings of the investigation, diplomatic channels might be used to address any issues and potentially prevent similar situations in the future.

The ICG’s operation demonstrates its vigilance in protecting India’s maritime borders. The swift detention of the Iranian vessel ensured that no security threats materialized. The incident also serves as a reminder of the importance of international cooperation in addressing issues related to labor practices and ensuring the safety of fishermen working across borders.


The ICG’s apprehension of the Iranian vessel with Indian crew off the Kerala coast highlights a complex situation. While the fishermen’s claims of mistreatment require further investigation, the incident underscores the need for better protection of Indian nationals working abroad. Further developments in this case will likely involve inquiries by Indian authorities, potential contact with the Iranian government, and efforts to ensure the safe return of the fishermen.

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