Cancellation & Refund Policy


Once you have purchased an Online Course, then any cancellations or refunds will not be applicable under any circumstances.


6.1. By Paying the Invoice, you are agreeing to the Terms & Conditions.

6.2. If the client wants to withdraw within 10 days from the start date 25% of the paid amount will be Non – Refundable.

6.3. If the client chooses to discontinue the process or service, 40% amount will be considered non – refundable from the initial payment.

6.4. In case of placement assistance if the application is refused because of technical reasons like visa application refused or rejected by the hiring company because of wrong document submissions by the candidate 25% of the total package cost will be considered non – refundable.

6.5. If the client chooses to discontinue the process voluntarily, the total amount of money paid will not be refunded.

6.6. Embassy or visa center’s appointment services/fees are not included in the package.

6.7. Processing cost does not include flight tickets, travel / Medical insurance, and accommodation.

6.8. If the client decides to withdraw from the process, we will not maintain any further relationship or engagement with the client.

6.9. Once the client has withdrawn from the process, they are prohibited from making any false statement, allegations, or negative comments about the service provider to other clients or on social media. Violating this clause result in legal action.

Note: “The client will be liable for total losses incurred as a consequence of their actions.